Border news | As local drivers are caught up in a border sweep, frustration is growing in Texas.

Analyses of NBC News data reveal large increases in citations in border counties with a high Latino population where troops have been stationed.

Texas's BRACKETTVILLE — Local cars stopped by cops looking for border crossers and traffickers have become entangled in the web of state highway troopers that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has constructed.

Operation Lone Star, Abbott's election-year effort to stop illegal immigration, has alarmed some locals in rural areas where the Texas Department of Public Safety has deployed more troopers and issued more traffic fines.

Citations more than doubled in Kinney County, where Brackettville is the county seat, from 1,400 in 2019–2020 to more than 6,800 in 2021–2022, more than in any other Texas county. According to an NBC News examination of Texas DPS data, there is now nearly twice the number of officers operating in this 3,674-person county, up from 14 to 41.

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