Artifacts from a Berlin museum are sent to Namibia.

More than 20 looted items from Namibia, including dolls, jewelry, tools, and clothing, are being returned to the nation. The loan is Germany's most recent effort to make amends for its imperial past.

Twenty-three museum pieces were loaned back to Namibia on Friday from Germany as part of a commitment by Berlin to repair ties with its former African colony. The loan is the most recent in a line of actions taken by Germany to atone for its imperial past.

Artifacts not expected to return

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK), which oversees the Berlin museum, declined to comment on the decision to place the items on long-term loan as opposed to simply returning them to Namibia. According to local media, the SPK does not anticipate that the items will be sent back to Germany.

The artifacts, which came from the Ethnological Museum in Berlin and were delivered to the National Museum of Namibia, included an ancient three-headed drinking jug, a doll dressed in traditional attire, and several spears, hairpieces, and other clothing accessories.

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