Armaan Malik: My only concern is that my listeners are enjoying and dancing to my songs.

Armaan Malik is currently residing in an environment where he feels creatively fulfilled after making his presence known on a global stage with Grammy's Global Spin and competing against The Weeknd for the title of Summer Anthem 2022. The singer recently visited Delhi and chatted with us about his mysterious social media posts, why India needs its universal star, and how the number of social media views doesn't necessarily indicate an artist's fame.

"I want to experience the food in Delhi."

When Armaan was in Delhi a few months back, he mentioned his desire to tour the city. He responds, "The difficulty is that every time I come to Delhi, it is either for a play or some work and then the next day, I am out. But now, hopefully, I'll go out to lunch on my next visit. I love eating a lot. For people to not recognize me, I want to walk to Chandni Chowk completely covered. However, I want to experience Delhi in its truest form. Although I don't like street food, I have heard a lot about I'm going to try the street food in Delhi."

You want people to now find songs through reels,

When discussing the several factors that influence a song's popularity nowadays, Armaan says, "Sincerity be told, a lot depends on how you market the music. There are approximately 100 to 200 new songs released each day in the current music scene. There is entire machinery of marketing, PR, and digital strategy that is required to get the song out to generate a song that breaks through the clutter."

He claims that his most recent song has a hook step and that reels are the main focus. You've entered the market when it starts to trend there, or when people start hearing the song in their heads. Therefore, digital strategy and viewpoints are crucial in today's world. That is the issue that the entire industry is having. This is not true: gaane ko numbers nahi mile toh gaana hit nahi hai. I was contrasting a Justin Bieber song with one by another artist, whose views are between 15 and 20 million. We have songs with 300–400 million views, but Justin Bieber is a very popular musician all around the world. They are more concerned with the success of their music than with the opinions of others. on streaming services.

But now, we wonder, can one uphold quality over quantity within such paradigms? "Sincerely, how can I be anxious when my video has only 10 million views? At the end of the day, it's all about vanity, and the issue is that we're all contributing to the issue. I am confident in the work that I am producing as an artist. I don't care if my views are more than or fewer than 50 million; all that matters is that my audience is listening to it, enjoying it, and acknowledging my overall brand as a musician. How many people genuinely know such tunes is the question. Additionally, you learn this when you attend a concert "He answers.

Want to be the Indian version of Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran

Armaan claims: "Everyone remarked, "Isner Bollywood career ko chor diya hai, but data nahi, risk hai," when I released my first English song. Bollywood bhi nahi chalega agar woh nahi chala. But in my opinion, if you don't try something new, nothing will change. And a lot of things for me altered as a result. Opening the entrance allows hundreds of us to flood through, so that's what I do. Priyanka Chopra and A R Rahman sir both achieved success, but they did so from the viewpoint of the actor or composer, respectively. No artist or pop star has ever done it. There is no Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, or Justin Bieber from our nation, and I want to be that artist from India."

"My cryptic tweets are a means for me to let my fans know that I am not okay."

"Only I know how I'm doing." Before the release of his single Control, Armaan published posts with the hashtags "It's not easy at all" and "I can't take it anymore." He gives the following explanation for the tweets: "I don't enjoy bothering my fans too much with exactly what is going on in my life. These tweets made me feel better while letting my followers know that I'm not doing well. The problem is that I have had many traumatic events as a child, and I am also a very sensitive and emotional person. Many people assume that because I am from the Malik family, I must have it easy, but I have not. This applies to eliminations as well as being substituted in songs. not been discussed. I've continued on my path, but I'm starting to talk more about it now. I'm happy to have a following on Twitter since it allows me to be open and honest with my pals.

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