Argentine footballer arrested for attacking referee following yellow card

Football referee Dalma Cortadi of Argentina made a call for justice on Monday after being struck in the back by a male player during a regional league game who disapproved of her on-field decision.

The 30-year-old Cortadi filed criminal complaints against her attacker, 34-year-old Cristian Tirone, who was detained after he struck the referee and was given a yellow card for a foul.

Following the incident, which was documented on camera, Cortadi was transported to the hospital and kept under observation for a while.

Tirone can be seen striking Cortadi's neck after appearing to aim for the back of her head in the video. When she hits the ground, she promptly stands up as Tirone is being dragged off the field by other players.

"I fell, and after that, nothing else comes to mind. When I stood up, I felt queasy and lightheaded. I've never experienced anything like this, she said to the Ole sports daily.

After the attack, the third-tier match between Independencia and Garmense in the Tres Arroyos regional league was suspended, and Cortadi was the referee.

She informed Ole that the situation was unrelated to her gender.

"We demand that this man be held accountable for his actions and receive justice. That's what matters, she added.

The attack was condemned by the league, and Garmense permanently suspended Tirone.

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