Universal credit | Are you missing out on unclaimed universal credit? Cost of living

As she guides struggling families in Blackpool through their financial choices, Jill Kerr is fully aware of the seriousness of their situation.

They are surviving hand to mouth, but when the hand reaches the mouth, it is empty, claims Ms. Kerr, manager of Blackpool Citizens Advice's advice services.

As the cost of living rises, people from all walks of life visit for welfare checks and debt counseling.

She claims that working parents who make £40,000 a year and have a mortgage are also looking for assistance. Pensioners are also eager to make sure they are receiving all of their due benefits.

"Older individuals used to avoid discussing that. In the past, they would visit about consumer issues, "She clarifies.

However, many people are still reluctant to accept what they see as a handout because they are too proud to admit it. The truth is that many people are eligible for pension credits, which supplement state pensions and serve as a vital entry point for other government benefits including the cost of living payments and other discounts.

Why are there billions left unclaimed?

According to a charity, an estimated £15 billion in benefits go an unclaimed year, money that would go a long way toward reducing the strain of rising food and utility costs.

The annual cost of welfare to the government is far over £200 billion, but the system is intricate and interwoven. While the majority of benefits must be requested by an individual, some are granted automatically to those who qualify.

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