Apparently blasphemous Hindu man in Pakistan escapes lynching, according to a report

In Pakistan, numerous people have been put to death by being accused of blasphemy, and countless others have languished in jails for years as a result of the lawyers' refusal to represent them out of fear for their safety.

According to local media sources, a Hindu sanitation worker in Pakistan was arrested in a false blasphemy case for allegedly defiling the Quran. According to reports, the complaint was made by a local after he got into a fight with a sanitation worker from the Hindu minority community in Hyderabad, Pakistan. To apprehend the worker, named as Ashok Kumar, the police had to disperse a tense throng that had collected near an apartment block.

In a Tweet, Mubashir Zaidi stated, "Police in Hyderabad dispersed a violent mob which was demanding handing over a Hindu sanitation worker accusing him of #blasphemy Police claims the sanitary worker was targeted due of a personal conflict with a resident."

A rowdy mob demanding the surrender of a Hindu sanitation worker and accusing him of #blasphemy was dispersed by Hyderabad police. According to the police, the sanitation worker was targeted as a result of an interpersonal conflict with a local citizen.

Naila Inayat, a blogger, and journalist from Pakistan tweeted: "Ashok Kumar, a Hindu sanitation worker, was charged in Hyderabad with blasphemy under section 295B for allegedly defiling the Quran. After a fight with shopkeeper Bilal Abbasi, who then filed the complaint against Kumar, the claim was made."

"Earlier, a tense mob assembled in front of the apartment complex to seize the Hindu man. The victim was taken into custody after police dispersed the throng, she added.

An angry crowd had already assembled near the apartment complex to seize the Hindu man. Police dispersed the group and took the victim into custody.

Despite the enraged mob's desire to attack the Hindu worker over blasphemy claims, news agency ANI, quoting local media, reported that a Muslim woman had burned the Muslim holy book.

The Hyderabad police received praise on social media for rapidly dispersing the rowdy mob.

Excellent effort by Pakistan's Sindh police in Hyderabad, a user remarked. "Now that a catastrophe has been avoided, the criminals and instigators must be brought to account.

Another user posted, "Pakistan is rife with the abuse of the severe blasphemy laws against minorities and even members of the Muslim community to settle personal grudges.

Blasphemy and lynchings

Due to Pakistan's harsh blasphemy laws, several people have been executed by lynching after being falsely accused. A Sri Lankan factory manager was killed and set on fire by a crowd in Pakistan in December 2021 due to blasphemy accusations. In response to the uproar over the vigilante attack, Pakistan's then-prime minister Imran Khan declared it a "day of disgrace for Pakistan."

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