Anil Kapoor: I've been approached by big international shows, but my family comes first.

Anil Kapoor, an actor, claims that whenever he is offered a job abroad, he first asks his family if they are happy with him being away.

Anil Kapoor is focused on his top priorities. The actor doesn't want to spend too much time away from his family at this point in his life and profession. He has contributed to worldwide productions like 24 and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011). When asked if we will soon see him in his next one, he responds, "Why not? If anything exciting happens, [I'll do it]. Along with the character and the time they require from me, the filmmaker is also very essential to me.

I have done a number of performances in the UK, and I have gotten proposals from all the main platforms, the 65-year-old says as he mentions his family. Shows occasionally demand a lot of your time. The decision is then yours: "At this point in my life, should I say yes to this show and risk being away from my family?"

He claims that he has been approached about major international programmes. But regrettably, he continues, "I stated I would rather stay in India and accomplish whatever I can here because of my priority—my family more than my job. I always have my family's approval, unless it's something very significant. I comply if they say yes. I omitted asking earlier, but now I have to question if I can avoid them for that long.

Does he also consider them before deciding which roles to play? The actor responds, "It's always about the time and staying away from them, never the character. You most recently saw me in JugJugg Jeeyo. Then there are movies like Thar, where I collaborated with my son Harsh (Varrdhan Kapoor, an actor), or a movie that we are all producing and I am a vital player in.

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