Angus Cloud, the star of "Euphoria," was a waiter. Unpopularized Old Video

On TikTok, Angus Cloud shared a video from 2018 that quickly gained enormous popularity. He will also play the lead in a Hollywood production.

On social media, an old clip of "Euphoria" actor Angus Cloud serving customers in a restaurant has gone viral. Fans can't believe how his life transformed after watching the footage of him visiting a Waffle House restaurant in America.

Wow, Fez served me at my birthday brunch in Brooklyn four years ago, wrote TikTok user @just.darleen in a post last week. Cloud can be seen sweeping Darleen's table in the 2018 video. The post continued, "This is awesome @Angus Cloud fast forward now you're a star on Euphoria."

Immediately after being posted, the video went viral, garnering 26.9 million views, according to American media.

Prior to the 2019 premiere of "Euphoria," Cloud had no acting experience. On A24 Podcast last month, Cloud revealed that when the show's crew first noticed him, he was simply out for a stroll. The 23-year-old stated, "Before I started this acting, I was getting $7.50 an hour at a Waffle House, bro."

In "Euphoria," Cloud portrays the heroin dealer Fezco, who is also kind and sympathetic. When he made his debut in the show's inaugural season in 2019, the character immediately gained popularity.

After the premiere of season 2 of the show in early January, his popularity skyrocketed.

The second season detailed how "Fez," as he is known in the public, came to work in his current profession. His grandmother was a drug dealer and taught him everything there was to know about the industry, as seen by the song "Euphoria."

Fez took over his grandmother's business after she passed away. The story is based on an Israeli TV show.

Cloud recently disclosed that he has been cast in movies and will star in the suspenseful film The Line with Halle Bailey and Alex Wolff.

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