Angry opposition results from a drag show at a kids' birthday.

Images from the scene show how the "family-friendly" gathering turned into a flashpoint in the culture war in America.

Texans opposing a "family-friendly" drag show that the institution was hosting clashed with supporters of the event, some of whom were armed, on the streets outside a club in the town.

The bar was accused of "grooming youngsters" by showing them sexual stuff, according to the protesters who gathered to oppose the presentation last Sunday. They were overwhelmed, however, by activists from the opposing side, who derided the protesters as "bigots" and "transphobes," according to social media postings from the scene.

The show's supporters, at least some of whom were armed, were reportedly Antifa activists. They were probably there to provide security for the customers, artists, and establishment.

Drag queens dressed in extravagant costumes may be seen dancing on tables and soliciting donations from the audience in a video published by conservative political analyst Sara Gonzales. Twenty juveniles, according to Gonzales, were present.

Video taken outside the bar appears to show that both sides were engaged in a passionate argument. At least one woman flashed her breasts as she drove away to vent her rage at the demonstrators.

When they public led licensed the event, the "Barrel Babes Brunch," a few weeks ago, the family-owned Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Texas, declared they accept "all types of booze and all kinds of people." This sparked the debate. The bar advised customers who dislike drag shows to come on another day.

There was reportedly some opposition to the planned concert in the 9,000-person community. The act might be against local laws, according to Roanoke City Manager Scott Campbell, who told the Dallas Express that the pub lacked a license to run a company that catered to homosexuals.

The owner, Jay Anderson, described the "Barrel Babes Brunch" as a comic variety event that would be hosted by his son, a drag performer himself, who would also be one of the evening's performers. He said that the guests would be provided with a "PG version" of drag and remarked, "We are a family-owned establishment and like serving other families. He declared that there wouldn't be any bare skin, erotica, or vulgar language.

Following the performance, the distillery said that it had successfully passed a check by the Texas Comptroller's Office, which confirmed that the first drag show was in fact "family-friendly," and that it had been a huge commercial success.

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