Angry at India over Russian oil, the US

New Delhi claims that Washington is worried about the movement of Russian items to the US.

According to Michael Patra, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Washington has contacted New Delhi with questions on purported shipments of Russian oil products to the US from India, according to a report by Reuters on Saturday.

According to Patra, the US Treasury notified the government of the country that an Indian ship was suspected of obtaining oil from a Russian tanker on the high seas and transporting it to a Gujarat port on the country's west coast, where it was processed before being sent to New York.

"You are aware that there are sanctions against individuals who purchase Russian oil, and the US Treasury informed us of this... It turns out that an Indian ship encountered a Russian tanker in the middle of the ocean, took up oil there, and traveled to a port in Gujarat, where it was processed and turned into a distillate that is used to make single-use plastic. The ship's perfected production was reloaded, and it sailed away without a destination. At a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Indian independence in Odisha, Patra remarked, "In the middle of the oceans, it received the destination therefore it reached its path, traveled to New York.

The officer added that "that's the way war works, it works in unexpected ways" but withheld the identity of the ship in issue and any other information.

As part of sanctions against Russia related to the situation in Ukraine, the US restricted the import of Russian oil and oil products early this year.

India has refrained from imposing sanctions on Moscow and, despite rarely purchasing Russian oil before this year, has increased its purchases tenfold since March to take advantage of the discount Moscow has provided. Bloomberg reports that in June, Russia surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the second-largest exporter to the South Asian country, after only Iraq.

When prompted by Reuters, the US Embassy in New Delhi declined to comment on Patra's assertion.

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