The latest news An official from Germany advises a shower hack

The leader of the Green State calls the washcloth "a useful idea"

According to the leader of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, in a Friday interview, people can save a lot of money and energy by using a washcloth instead of taking showers "all the time" when faced with a potential energy crisis.

The 11 million-person state in southwest Germany, which borders France and Switzerland, is governed by Green Kretschmann. Stuttgart, the state capital, is home to the corporate headquarters of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. In an interview with the Südwest Presse newspaper, Kretschmann discussed the current energy situation in Germany and shared the methods he personally takes to reduce energy waste.

The minister-president claimed to drive an electric car, have a "large" solar power system on his roof, and only heat one room—which he claimed was a "healthier" practice. Kretschmann said that he performed even better when asked if he also took cold showers.

According to a survey conducted by the research institute INSA last month, nearly two-thirds of Germans have already cut back on shower time in response to repeated government requests.

Kretschmann acknowledged that some Germans needed government assistance but noted that for people in his salary range, the rise in heating expenses was not as burdensome. He asserted that the Covid-19 pandemic has, however, demonstrated that the German government will stand behind those who are most negatively impacted by the problem.

Kretschmann predicted that there would be some "loss in terms of prosperity" this time. We must all adapt to that,

Germany is experiencing a severe energy shortage as a result of the sanctions imposed on Ukraine that are causing gas imports from Russia, its top supplier, to rapidly decline. Both the federal government and the states have been pleading with individuals to reduce energy consumption by turning down their air conditioners and using less hot water as they scramble to stem the mounting catastrophe.

Berlin has begun restarting coal-fired power facilities, imposed an additional tax on gas consumption, and it is rumored that it is considering keeping its last nuclear reactors operational through their planned phaseout this year.

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