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American Doctors Again Did A Miracle Transplant Of Pig Kidney In Human Body

Doctors have successfully transplanted both the kidneys of a genetically modified pig into the body of a person declared brain dead. Doctors made history by putting a pig heart in the human body.

Doctors in New York transplanted a pig kidney into a human body

Doctors in New York have succeeded in transplanting a pig kidney into a human body. Even after this transplant was done with the permission of the family of the patient who was declared brain dead, all the parts of his body are working properly. This is being considered a huge scientific breakthrough for the millions of patients waiting for a kidney transplant.

Both kidneys are working

According to the news published in our affiliate website WION, 57-year-old Jim parsons was a victim of a road accident in September last year, after which hews declared brain dead. When the doctors talked to the parsons family about the operation, they agreed. After this, both kidneys of a genetically modified pig were transplanted to the patient. It is being told that the kidney has started working properly soon after the transplant.

This history was made earlier

Earlier a team of doctors had successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a 57 -year-old man. This is the first time in medical history and it is believed that this will help in dealing with the shortage of organ donation. The shortage of organ donation. The University of Maryland School issued a statement in this regard, saying that the patient is completely fine after the transplant.

This success is important in this respect.

Around 10 million people in the world are suffering from kidney failure. There are about 4 lakh patients in India itself. Whereas in America also 10,7000 patients are waiting for kidney transplants.

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