Alvaro Vazquez claims that winning games and trophies with FC Goa is his ultimate goal in the ISL.

Alvaro Vazquez, the newest member of FC Goa, has helped the team's offense in preparation for the 2022–23 Indian Super League season (ISL).

The 31-year-old striker doesn't require any introduction to sports fans in the nation because he played for Kerala Blasters in the ISL from 2021–2022 and scored eight goals in 23 games.

In his first news conference as an FC Goa player on Wednesday, Vazquez discussed a variety of subjects, including his motivations for joining the Gaurs, the team's expectations for the upcoming campaign, his opinions on the ISL, and more.

The Spaniard said, "To be honest, playing in India has been a tremendous experience. "I didn't anticipate India to have such a large number of football enthusiasts or for them to treat me so kindly.

The club that expressed the most interest in me at the close of the previous campaign was FC Goa, who knew exactly how I would fit into their plans, according to Vazquez. I was initially made aware of the Club's interest by my agent, and I later spoke with a few of the players and the coach (Carlos Pena) before making a final decision.

The former junior international for Spain thinks FC Goa will benefit from having staff and players with past league experience.

"It's excellent that Coach Carlos (Pena) played in the league and is familiar with it. We also have athletes who are familiar with playing in the ISL. The ultimate goal is to win games and trophies for the squad, so we're already in touch and have been encouraging each other to train harder," he stated.

Vazquez also mentioned how he enjoys prioritizing the goals of his team over his own. "Community success is the main priority. If we can succeed as a team, that implies that we have also succeeded individually.

Alvaro Vazquez will aim to emulate players like Ferran Corominas and Igor Angulo at FC Goa who was accustomed to scoring goals while wearing the Club's uniforms. Even so, he doesn't seem phased.

"I've known Coro since we were classmates at Espanyol. I am aware of his impressive performance in India. Naturally, I'll do my best to live up to his reputation, but I'll initially put more of an emphasis on doing whatever I can to support the team.

I am completely prepared because this is my work and something I've done my entire life, he continued.

The striker concluded by writing a letter to his supporters.

"I only have kind words and respect to say to the supporters of Kerala Blasters, my previous team. I have a strong feeling that I'll similarly connect with FC Goa supporters. I'm looking forward to meeting them and getting to know them well because we won't be competing in a bio-bubble anymore, Alvaro Vazquez said.

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