World news | Although the Taliban have been in control for a year, many Afghans.

By the end of the year, 97% of the population is anticipated to be surviving on less than one meal per day, with more than 40% of people already doing so.

The majority of Afghans seem to have a dismal future.

By the end of this year, 97% of Afghans are anticipated to be living below the poverty line, meaning that at least 43% of the population would be subsisting on less than one meal a day. To survive, some families have turned to sellorganizationheir organs, while others have sold their children.

According to Vicki Aken, director of the International Rescue Committee in Afghanistan, "as global leaders sought to economically isolate the Taliban, their policy approaches have crippled the economy, destroyed the banking sector, and plunged the country into a humanitarian catastrophe that has left more than 24 million people without enough food to eat each day."

According to the organization, if this issue is not resolved, the current humanitarian catastrophe could result in more fatalities than 20 years of war.

After the Soviets withdrew and a civil war ensued in the 1990s, the Taliban first gained control of the country. They rose to fame by publicly beheading criminals who had been found guilty of murder and by amputating the limbs of thieves. They also compelled men to grow beards, banned music and forced gender segregation.

And since the ultraconservative, exclusive, and violent gang retook power, the situation in this extremely impoverished nation has rapidly gotten worse.

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