Ugc news,All Colleges and Universities Must Refund Hostel Fees Charged During COVID-19, Per UGC Inst

Despite not using the facilities, students have protested to the UGC about the hostel and mess costs that colleges charged during the pandemic.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has ordered all institutions and colleges to immediately refund or make up for the mess and lodging costs collected during the Covid-19 pandemic. The commission has also stated that it will punish higher education institutions that disobey its directives.

Despite not using the facilities, the students had previously protested to the UGC about the prices levied by colleges for the mess and dorms during the pandemic. In this regard, Professor Rajnish Jain, Secretary of the UGC, sent a letter to the vice-chancellors of all institutions on Tuesday.

"Several references have been obtained from students who claim they did not use the hostel and mess services throughout the COVID-I9 epidemic period, yet the institutions are not reducing or refunding the mess rates and hostel fees, already paid by them," the letter added. All higher education institutions are urged to adjust/carry forward all students who paid for meals and housing during the COVID-I9 epidemic. It is required of you to follow the directions exactly as written.

Additionally, the commission has requested that universities reimburse those applicants who accept admission but then decide not to attend. The admissions process this year may last till October due to the late July release of the CBSE results and the pending announcement of the JEE Main, NEET, and CUET results. Many pupils have already applied for admission to private universities as a fallback. To comply with UGC's directive, these institutes must reimburse the whole price by October 31 if a student decides to withdraw their admission. The action has been taken in light of the financial struggles parents and their wards are experiencing.

Up to October 31, there shouldn't be any cancellation fees associated with cancellations or migrations, and the processing fee shouldn't be more than Rs 1,000.

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