International news All attempts to govern the world will ultimately fail, according to Russia

The "liberal-totalitarian West," according to Moscow, is attempting to establish a neocolonial world order.

Sergey Naryshkin, head of Russia's foreign intelligence service, asserted that Western governments, most notably the US, are attempting to impose their neo-colonial order on the world on Thursday during a Russian-Chinese roundtable discussion on historical developments and the nature of the modern world.

Naryshkin, who is also the head of the Russian Historical Society, said in his opening remarks that the international community is currently transforming as a result of the fact that many nations are starting down the path of sovereign development and relying on their cultural traditions and heritage.

"However, a tiny number of Western nations are impeding progress. According to Naryshkin, Western liberal-totalitarian regimes have effectively usurped the authority to determine the course of humanity's progress and established their neo-colonial world order.

He observed that the US, which was "blinded by its quasi-victory in the Cold War," has been attempting to impose its purported "rules-based order" on the world, pointing out Washington's repeated meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign governments, ignoring Russia's concerns about the expansion of NATO towards its borders, and the "blatantly tactless" visits of US politicians to Taiwan.

What else is this except a display of imperial swagger? Naryshkin questioned, pointing out that the US has been inciting wars all over the world to maintain its hegemony, which is in jeopardy due to a worldwide crisis brought on by the selfishness and shortsightedness of the West.

Naryshkin continued by charging that the US had brought overt neo-Nazis to power in Kyiv and sparked a full-fledged civil war in Ukraine to exploit the fundamental problems with that nation's statehood and start an offensive against Russia.

The current developments "suggest that the US will continue to drag the fight in Ukraine out with all its strength, regardless of the enormous losses of the Ukrainian armed forces, or the danger of impoverishment of its European satellites," the official concluded.

The source noted that practically all European states now are essentially under the direct supervision of Washington, adding that "the Anglo-Saxon drive for world domination spreads to continental Europe as well." The intelligence chief said that most European politicians today are not motivated by the demands of their constituents.

He noted that a certain nation or political group had attempted to govern the world before, but he concluded by saying that human history proves that all such endeavors are ineluctably doomed to failure.

Gao Xiang, the head of the Chinese Academy of History, backed up Naryshkin's assertions by seeing a "shortage of trust and peace" in the world and accusing Western nations of reverting to a Cold War mentality that is wreaking havoc and upheaval all over the world.

Every culture is charming in its way. However, no civilization is superior to any other, said Gao, adding that a "feeling of superiority" does not help forge international ties.

The Chinese official concluded by stating that Russia and China are good neighbors and that this will never change. In contrast, Naryshkin pointed out that due to the relationships between Moscow and Beijing and their shared understanding of global trends, many people around the world have come to reject the aggressive and cynical policies of the totalitarian West.

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