After a "Brawl" with female athletes, two judokas and one coach were called back from an exposure tr

Updated: Jul 19

Following the discovery that they were involved in an unpleasant and "serious incident," two Indian judokas, including a past junior Asian Championships medalist, and their coach were called back from an exposure trip to Spain on Monday "which included female athletes from the host nation.

According to a national coach working for the Sports Authority of India (SAI), a female was later discovered in a judoka's hotel room after the athlete got into a fight with a group of females ".

It was unknown if the female athletes were also judo practitioners.

The judoka, his roommate, and their coach have all been sent back to India as a precaution. The group of women appeared to be fighting, and afterward, one of them was discovered in the Indian judoka's hotel room with him "he said PTI.

Although he was not involved in the incident, the other judoka shared a room with the one who was. The federation has requested their repatriation along with their coach since they don't want to take any chances."

The coach later clarified that no police report had been made against the Indians.

Although it did not say if there was a scuffle or something else, the Judo Federation of India, which is overseen by administrator Justice Pankaj Naqvi, said in a statement that there had been "some violent event."

"The Indian judo team in Spain has sent us a message. A serious event occurred, hence JFI is inviting the athletes engaged in this case back to India, it said.

Justice Naqvi told PTI, "I have only ex parte claims, and I would not comment on them.

A 30-person Indian team, comprising judokas headed to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, is now in Spain's Alicante, Benidorm. After the COVID-19 pandemic, this is their first exposure excursion.

They took part in the European Open in Madrid and will attend the international training camp for Europe.

Days after a female cyclist accused the national coach of sexual harassment while on a training vacation in Slovenia, the incident has come to light. The whole Indian contingent received a callback.

During a training trip abroad, a female sailor had also alleged that her coach had made her feel uneasy."

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