Us exports | After the Nvidia warning, China demands that the US lift its export restrictions.

After California-based chip designer Nvidia suggested a new product would be delayed and some work might be relocated out of China, the Chinese government demanded that Washington lift export restrictions on technology.

(AP) BEIJING — The California-based chip manufacturer Nvidia announced on Thursday that a new product may be delayed and that some work may be transferred outside of China. The Chinese government then urged Washington to lift its export restrictions on technology.

The most recent restrictions contribute to the growing technology and security tension between the United States and China. The proliferation of technology that can be used to create weapons, according to American officials, must be restrained.

According to Nvidia, it was informed last week that any product with performance comparable to or greater than its A100 graphics processing chips may be exported to China, Hong Kong, or Russia only with a license from the U.S. government. It was stated that purchasers of the A100 and the creation of the more recent H100 may be impacted.

However, the company said in a revised report submitted to American securities authorities on Thursday that the U.S. government was providing some relief by approving certain semiconductor exports that will allow Nvidia to continue selling chips to American customers until March.

The top-of-the-line chips are made to run artificial intelligence software and power data centers. The more well-known Nvidia products used in video games and automotive technology are unaffected by the limits.

Advanced Micro Devices, another American chipmaker, announced on Friday that the U.S. Department of Commerce had also issued additional license requirements, preventing the export of some of its premium graphics processors to China and Russia. AMD, however, claimed that neither delays in product development nor a major impact on its company were likely to result.

The Commerce Ministry of China charged that the United States had abused export restrictions to cut off semiconductor sales to China. It claimed that trade restrictions will sabotage global economic recovery and supply linkages.

Shu Jueting, a spokesperson for the ministry, stated that "China resolutely opposes this." "The U.S. side should immediately cease its improper conduct, treat businesses from all nations fairly, including those from China, and increase its efforts to promote global economic stability."

Officials in the United States are becoming more concerned about Chinese technological advancement as a strategic danger and prospective rival to American economic dominance.

To prevent China from accessing the most cutting-edge semiconductors and equipment to create its own, Washington has tightened regulations and persuaded allies. China is spending a lot of money to grow its young producers, but it is unable to produce the high-end chips used in the most cutting-edge smartphones and other gadgets.

Nvidia had said on Wednesday that it might be necessary to "transfer certain activities out of China." The business claimed it was requesting exemptions from the US government for its support and development efforts.

It declared that it would make an effort to satisfy Chinese customers' needs with non-licensing items. According to the statement, the corporation "has no certainty" that the United States government will grant a license to consumers who require one.

Shares of Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia Corp. decreased by $11.57, or nearly 8%, to end at $139.37 on Thursday.

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