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After The Cancellation Of the REET Exam, A Young Man Hangin On The Noose Was Studying With A Loan

A debt-ridden LDC committed suicide in Ranipura village of Tonk district, after which a case of money transactions in REET paper has Come to the fore. The deceased was under mental stress after the SOG was investigated and canceled in the REET exam.

Suicide of a debt-ridden youth in Ranipura village

After the cancellation of the Rajasthan teacher recruitment examination, where lakhs of candidates have got relief on the other hand much horrific news is also coming out. A case of suicide of a debt-ridden youth has come to light in Renipura village of Nagarfort police station area of Tonk district, according to which the youth hanged on the noose by hanging around his neck late on Monday night. According to media reports, it is being told that the deceased has taken this step after the cancellation of the REET exam.

The deceased had given Rs 40 lakh to touts to get his relatives to pass the REET exam and he was troubled and under pressure from the debt collectors since the SOG probe into the paper leaks started.

Father got the case registered

Laddulal Meena, the father of the deceased, has filed a case in Nagarfort police station stating something else. Father Kailash Vishnoi of Rawa (Barmer) Devraj Gurjar of Jaipur, Dhanraj and Manraj of Aligarh, Chimanlal and Ramswaroop of Ranipura (Nagarfort) Rajaram Jat of Balapura (Nagarfort) Raju Kirad of Vijaynagar (Nagarfort) Kholia Aligarh Mukesh Meena, Devpura (Nagarfort) Narendra Jat, in Aligarh, has accused Rahul Meena of demanding money and harassing. The father also told that Lokesh had not taken money from anyone and Lokesh was an intermediary in the money transactions, due to which pressure was being made on giving back the money.

It is too early to link with the reet exam

On the other hand, SP Manish Tripathi on this whole matter says that at present it is too early to connect this suicide case with the REET exam because the police is investigating every aspect of suicide. According to the SP, the police have constituted 5 teams for investigation.

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