After stating that his death will come "very soon," Mike Tyson is seen using a wheelchair.

Mike Tyson, a legendary professional boxer who will make his acting debut in Indian cinema with the Vijay Deverakonda-starring film "Liger," has sparked additional fears after being seen using a wheelchair just weeks after declaring that his death is "very imminent." The 56-year-old was pushed in a wheelchair through the Miami International Airport terminal. While taking selfies with supporters, he had a walking stick with him. He appeared to not be in the best of health while wearing all-white and wiping his mouth with a white cloth, according to

Also observed using a walking stick while out and about in New York was Tyson. He was walking with what appeared to be the identical walking stick that he had in Miami.

The former heavyweight champion is reportedly “dealing with a sciatica flare-up" in his back, which was described as some old “wear and tear" from living his life and an “occupational hazard for an athlete like Mike." However, Mike's remarks about facing death in the same month during a conversation with his buddy and therapist Sean McFarland raised more concerns.

During his "Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson" podcast, he declared, "Of course, we're all going to pass away one day. When I see those tiny dots on my face in the mirror, I think, "Wow," remarked Mike. My time on this earth is almost up. Very soon." "I simply want to pass away peacefully. I don't want to pass away wailing. And I've heard many prominent people's last rites, in which they're about to pass away and scream before departing this world."

Mike also mentioned throughout the talk that he doesn't see the value in money because it doesn't provide security. Defining security "He started. "I'm not sure. That implies that you won't contract an illness, right? You won't get struck by a car, right? "He queried. You are unable to leap off a bridge?" He continued, "I constantly tell people who think having a lot of money will make them happy.

They had never been wealthy before. You can't expect somebody to love you if you have a lot of money. How am I supposed to tell you that I love you when you have $500 billion? a fictitious sense of security "You don't think the banks might collapse. When you have a lot of money, you think you are invisible, which is untrue. I usually remark that money is a false sense of security because of this.

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