After losing the House of Cards case, Kevin Spacey will pay $31 million.

After charges of sexual assault and harassment surfaced, the production firm claimed compensation for the lost revenue caused by Kevin Spacey's unexpected departure.

in Los Angeles According to legal documents made available to the public on Monday, disgraced US actor Kevin Spacey will be required to pay close to $31 million to the production firm that created the television series House Of Cards, in which he featured until he was sacked over claims of sexual harassment. The production firm behind the well-liked story of political intrigue that was shown on Netflix, MRC, had asked for compensation for any lost earnings as a result of Spacey's unexpected departure when claims of harassment and sexual abuse surfaced.

When MRC petitioned a Los Angeles court to confirm the decision on October 19, an arbitration judge made the decision.

The actor for the movie American Beauty was found to have "breached provisions of both the Acting and Executive Producing Agreements that set standards for his workplace conduct, including by breaching MRC's Harassment Policy," according to the MRC report. After the allegations were made public, Spacey was suspended and an investigation was conducted.

The #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment and abuse, which was launched by the case of the powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, was growing at the same time as the flood of allegations that put an end to the 62-year-successful old's career.

Before the allegations of sexual harassment against coworkers were made public in the media, two-time Oscar winner Spacey had appeared in five seasons of House Of Cards as dishonest US politician Frank Underwood.

According to the company's petition, "MRC had no knowledge whatsoever of any such conduct by Spacey with any cast or crew affiliated with the Show." The actor's abrupt departure from the well-liked series, according to the production firm, necessitated a restructure that caused "significant losses" for MRC.

Underwood, the show's protagonist, had to be cut from the screenplay, and the sixth season's 13 episodes had to be reduced to eight.

2019 saw the beginning of the production company's legal conflict with Spacey. An AFP request for comment was not answered by the actor's legal counsel.

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