Viral video | After Fetterman uses a popular crudité video to seek money, Oz replies.

Mehmet Oz, a candidate for the GOP nomination for the Senate, dismissed criticism of the popular video that was initially shared in April and pledged to go above and beyond to win Pennsylvanians' respect.

Mehmet Oz spoke out about his now-famous attempt to buy a crudité platter on Wednesday, addressing his comments from an April video that went viral this week for the first time.

The Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate, Oz, fought back against detractors, notably his Democratic opponent, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, who claimed that the campaign film demonstrated Oz's lack of understanding of Pennsylvanians.

Oz spoke about his career as a cardiothoracic surgeon and his charitable endeavors, saying "I've rolled my sleeves up my whole life." That has been the focus of my life. We'll do whatever it takes to ensure that Pennsylvanians respect what we're about and that we work as hard as we can to solve their problems, even if I make a joke about a crudité in the middle of a campaign about how stupid it is that you can't even put veggies on a plate.

It's what I've done my entire life, and I'll keep doing it, he continued. I ask my opponent, "What have you done to roll up your sleeves in your own life to improve conditions for Pennsylvanians?"

Twitter users re-posted the April video of Oz doing his grocery shopping at a Pennsylvania Redner's supermarket. The purpose of the film was to demonstrate how inflation affects state voters.

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