Bruce willis | After being diagnosed with aphasia, Bruce Willis' Razzie Award was retracted.

The Razzies' co-founders announced that they had decided to revoke the Razzie Award granted to Bruce Willis.

New Delhi: Following the diagnosis of his aphasia, Bruce Willis stated on Wednesday that he is giving up acting. As a result of the actor's condition, the Golden Raspberry Awards organizers have now declared that they are withdrawing the prize from him. The worst movies are recognized each year with the Razzie awards, for the uninitiated. Bruce Willis received his category for the worst actor in 2021. Brendan Willisperformance. "The Razzie Awards have decided to revoke the Razzie Award granted to Bruce Willis as a result of his recently reported diagnosis after much deliberation. We acknowledge that it is improper to award someone a Razzie if their medical condition has an impact on their performance or decision-making "John J.B. Wilson and Mo Murphy, co-founders of the Razzies, stated as such in a statement on Thursday, according to PTI.

The actor Bruce Willis stated on Wednesday that he is giving up performing owing to his sickness. The declaration reads, "As a family, we wanted to inform Bruce's wonderful supporters that he has been dealing with health concerns and has just been diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive functioning. Because of this and after careful contemplation, Bruce is leaving the profession that has meant a great deal to him. Our family is going through a tremendously difficult period right now, so we greatly appreciate all of your love, compassion, and support."

Speaking, writing, and understanding verbal and written language are all impacted by aphasia. It frequently happens following a stroke or brain injury.

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