Russian suspects | After being arrested near a military factory, two Russians and one Ukrainian

According to the authorities, one suspect who had entered the plant pepper sprayed two military guards who were attempting to apprehend him.

A Russian, a Ukrainian, and two other people were ordered by an Albanian court on Wednesday to remain in jail while an espionage investigation into their activities at a former military weapons manufacturing facility is being carried out by law enforcement.

The three were accused of "securing secret information of a military or any other character to be transferred to a foreign power, which contradicts the country's independence," according to the prosecution's motion, which was granted by Judge Pajtime Fetahu.

However, Fetahu, who presides over a court in Elbasan, 25 miles south of Tirana, abandoned a more serious accusation that she had given any of the data they had gathered to a foreign nation.

The hearing took place in secret, and no information was provided regarding potential motives for the suspects' interest in the location.

Mikhail Zorin, 25, and Svetlana Timofeva, 33, are the two Russian suspects, while Fedir Alpatov, a Ukrainian, was named by officials. It wasn't stated how old Alpatov was.

On Saturday, they were detained within or close to the former military facility at Gramsh, which is located 50 miles south of the capital Tirana. The suspects had captured the plant on camera.

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