After becoming engaged to her boyfriend Matt Moeller, Eminem's daughter Alaina Scott penned the song

We feel incredibly loved," Alaina Scott stated.

Alaina Scott, the daughter of rapper Eminem, has announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Matt Moeller in New Delhi. The eldest daughter of Eminem, Alaina, posted a new series of photos with her fiance Matt on Thursday after announcing her engagement on social media on Monday. She captioned the sentimental photographs of herself and Matt Moeller, in which she is seen flashing her engagement ring, with the words "Still on cloud nine... thank you for all the best wishes, we are feeling so loved." Alaina Scott tweeted a few images of Matt Moeller kneeling to her on The Monarch Club's rooftop in Detroit, Michigan on Monday. She wrote: "Yes, a hundred times over, this moment, this life. I HEART YOU."

And this is how she made her engagement announcement earlier this week. Don't miss her Brilliant Earth engagement ring (swipe to the third image):

Before becoming engaged, Alaina Scott and Matt Moeller dated for more than seven years. The majority of the photos on her unverified Instagram feed are of her and Matt Moeller becoming intimate. She posted this picture and the message "Love you more" for Matt in November.

Alaina posted the following on their anniversary earlier this year: "You are my favorite person, even though my love for you has grown in some unfathomable way over the past seven years. You are my best partner, best friend, and best pet parent. I appreciate your effortless love for me. ILY, happy anniversary."

Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Eminem's ex-wife Kim Scott, is the mother of Alaina Scott. He revealed that he had adopted Alaina in a 2004 Rolling Stone interview.

Along with Alaina Scott, Eminem is also the father of Stevie Laine, 19, and Hailie Jade Mathers, 25, both of whom Kim had with her ex-husband Eric Hartter.

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