After accusations of manipulation, the nominations of two candidates for the position of AIFF Presid

Manvendra Singh and Valanka Natasha Alemao's nominations for president with less than a week until the All India Football Federation (AIFF) elections have been rejected due to allegations of manipulation in the seconding of names.

On August 28, there will be AIFF elections.

Amit Khemani, president of the Daman & Diu Football Association and a member of the electoral college, was said to have seconded the candidacy of Valanka, according to information obtained by Jonathan De Sousa, a member of the Goa Football Association, before the examination of nominations on Sunday.

The Returning Officer requested Khemani to confirm whether he had seconded the nomination of Valanka based on the complaint. In an email sent the same day, Khemani claimed that Valanka had used his name without his consent and that he had not signed any of the candidates' nomination forms, proving that the signatures had been obtained fraudulently.

The authorised representative of the Chandigarh Football Association, Harjinder Singh, also let the returning officer know that he had not seconded or proposed Manvendra Singh's name for the position of president.

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