After a 45-year career, former Australian captain Ian Chappell gives up his commentary microphone.

In close to 100 games for Australia, Ian Chappell amassed more thanrealized 6000 runs before retiring from international cricket in 1980.

Former Australian cricket team captain Ian Chappell.

After a 45-year career, renowned Australian commentator Ian Chappell has decided to hang up the microphone. Before assuming the microphone, the 78-year-old former Australian captain withdrew from international cricket in 1980 after amassing more than 6000 runs.

Chappell, a well-known expert on the game, revealed to the Sydney Morning Herald that he had been debating the choice for some time. He recalled the moment he realised he was done playing cricket.

It was 5:11 on a playday when I looked at the clock and thought, "S**t, if you're clock-watching at that time, I have to go. The earliest of the four Chappell brothers said, "Early on, I discovered that being yourself is the easiest thing to do.

Therefore, I've been giving commentary some thought. I was fortunate to escape with only a small stroke a few years ago. But it only makes things more difficult. And I simply assumed that things would get more difficult as a result of the travel, stairs, and other factors.

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