Afghan diplomats: Taliban need a new strategy in light of security risks.

According to a statement issued by the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's foreign missions, the Taliban must be involved in shaping the future of the nation but must not completely control it.

On Monday, diplomats from the country's former administration urged the international community to take a "new and updated approach" to the Taliban regime, including more coordinated action to counter the deadly threat posed by foreign terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan.

To commemorate the first year of the Taliban's military takeover, the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's diplomatic missions issued a statement urging the international community to put pressure on the group to establish an inclusive and legitimate government.

The Taliban must remain a part of Afghanistan's future, but it must not be controlled and dominated by them, according to a statement released by missions that are still run by diplomats who were recruited by the previous Ashraf Ghani administration. One of the missions is the embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi.

The Taliban had "rolled back hard-won gains obtained through the united effort and sacrifice of the people of Afghanistan and the international community since 2001," according to the statement, which outlined seven demands that should be included in the global response.

To put pressure on the Taliban to comply with the demands of the Afghan people for a "political process leading to inclusive and legitimate governance," the international community should forge effective partnerships at bilateral and multilateral fora and work with "committed personalities of integrity who enjoy support from democratic constituencies."

The international community should also strengthen the UN travel ban on the Taliban leaders in question because the group has abused exceptions by refusing to engage in meaningful dialogue, and adopt "more coordinated and effective measures to address the dangerous threat emanating from the presence of various foreign terrorist groups, which constitute a major security threat for Afghanistan, our region, and the wider world."

To better fulfill the urgent needs of the Afghan people, humanitarian assistance should be increased. Additionally, there should be increased support for the protection of the Afghan people's basic human rights, particularly those of women, girls, and vulnerable groups. The statement claimed that the international community and the UN should look for "pragmatic solutions to the current economic, political, and humanitarian crises in Afghanistan."

Afghanistan is currently experiencing a severe political, humanitarian, and human rights crisis as a result of the Taliban's forcible takeover of the nation. The Taliban has also broken binding agreements that it will not allow Afghanistan to serve as a haven for international terrorism.

The statement read, "One year later, the Taliban have not only completely failed to deliver on all of their obligations, but have also re-enacted harsh rules and instructions." Girls are no longer allowed to enroll in secondary school, and extrajudicial killings, collective punishment, forced disappearances, and arbitrary detentions, including those of women activists, have all become "standard procedures under Taliban control."

A Taliban manifesto published in May rejected all forms of democratically elected governments, and several well-known local and international terrorist organizations have established "reinvigorated presences" in Afghanistan. It has been "affirmed that the Taliban are hosting and sheltering a coterie of international terrorist organizations" that pose a threat to regional security and stability" since the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul.

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