Advice for choosing colours and tints while designing your home

Should we use neutral color schemes to go with current design trends and seasons, or should we choose geometric or floral patterns to liven up a drab space and draw attention to how our home looks? Experts in home interior design offer advice on how to modify color schemes when decorating your home.

Even though minimalism is a classic trend, when all design elements work together intelligently, it can create a space that is aesthetically pleasing yet bold. In 2022, color elements and patterns will be in high demand. Combining bold patterns with warm all-natural color tones will undoubtedly help us reconnect with nature. Despite traditional color harmonies and rules, colors are used much more expressively today. Artists and designers seem to be pushing the boundaries of color more than ever by using a variety of "loud," "bright," and "unrelated" colors on clothing, furniture, interior, exterior, ceremonial, and other designs.

Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director at Archies, stated in an interview with HT Lifestyle that "lights may modify your environment in a way that can accentuate the way it looks. Understanding the area's dullest spot is crucial, and the materials you use should be chosen with care. If there are numerous lights, they should all be elevating one main item in the scene, with lamps serving as the major factors to highlight the other lighter elements. Lighting up various rooms of the house could be trickier than it seems.

"Your lighting features, such as lights, should be neither excessively little nor large, but proportionate to the size of the region that you desire to accentuate," he advised. Even while lighting can add a statement to a house, one must be careful not to crowd the light or make it too dim. Ornamental lights must perform properly.

Ashima Singla, the founder, and director of Whispering Homes contributed his experience to the matter by offering the following advice: "While designing your space, choosing neutral color tones is always a good choice, there are many reasons to favor a neutral color scheme. It is simple to establish a unified design concept across the home with this classic color scheme. It also makes an eye-catching backdrop for brightly colored or simply upholstered furniture and accessories, making it simple to alter your decor to go along with changing fashion trends or seasons. Since neutral colors reflect light, make a space feel more dynamic, and give the sense of greater space, they are especially helpful in compact homes.

She advised, "Choose neutral colors like mauve, sage green, grey, terracotta, lilac, and navy to create a united décor. To add a burst of color and improve the space, utilize throw cushions, upholstery, accent walls, and other colorful details. To connect the decor, use geometric or floral patterns on the carpet or curtains. Layer the surface with textured paint, blankets, or woven carpets to provide visual interest. To completely change a space, add a dash of energizing blue to it. To create a scheme you won't want to forsake, combine steely blue hues with aquatic minerals. If you're only using one color, try blending textures to enhance interest or add accent items in that color. The furniture will preserve the ambiance ageless if it is white or natural wood. The relaxing and grounding qualities of the warm neutral colors are evident. This color's attractiveness lies in how well it blends with so many different color schemes while still radiating a subtle allure.

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