Actor Deepesh Bhan from Bhabiji Ghar Pe Hai passed away from a brain haemorrhage, according to Aasif

Deepesh Bhan suffered a brain haemorrhage and was scheduled to begin filming the slapstick comedy soon, according to actor Aasif Sheikh.

Deepesh Bhan, an actor from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, died early on Saturday morning while playing cricket. Since the beginning of the show, Bhan, 43, has portrayed Malkhan. Bhan experienced a cerebral haemorrhage, according to his co-star and seasoned actor Aasif Sheikh. The slapstick comedy was what Bhan was intended to focus on. According to Sheikh, Bhan stopped to play cricket in the Dahisar building's compound before heading to the gym around seven in the morning.

He bowled an over, squatted to grab the ball, stood up, wavered briefly, and then collapsed. He never stood up, says Sheikh. Bhan was just five minutes from his home when he was transported to the hospital, but when he arrived, it was too late.

His eyes were gushing blood, which is an obvious indicator of a brain haemorrhage. It's almost certain to be a brain haemorrhage, the doctor stated. He may not have eaten anything in the morning because his blood pressure shot up when he was playing cricket. Immediately he collapsed. You should moderate your pace after the age of 40 and avoid overexerting yourself, Sheikh explains.

Sheikh admits that he hasn't really processed the awful news yet. Bhan had "blood pressure difficulties," but a recent full body checkup revealed no problems, the author continues. He was a very hyperactive child. He frequently created reels while filming. I'm unsure about whether kaam kaise karenge. We will all be going through a difficult moment.

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