According to Der Spiegel, Germany may nationalize its portion of Nord Stream 2.

According to the magazine, the government intends to convert it into an LNG terminal.

According to sources cited by Der Spiegel on Friday, the German Ministry of Finance is looking into the idea of nationalizing portions of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that passes through the nation.

Germany ceased its certification before the conflict in Ukraine, therefore the freshly constructed Russian infrastructure has never been used.

The federal government is reportedly investigating the possibility of severing the pipeline's connection to the portion of the system that is situated on German soil. Then, it suggested, that a mobile LNG terminal might be attached to the tubes going from land to sea.

The revelation of the potential expropriation coincides with rising German fears over Russian gas imports. Due to a lack of parts brought on by Moscow's sanctions, exports from Russia's Gazprom via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Europe last week fell to around 40% of capacity.

The reports suggesting that Nord Stream 2 could be taken over were dismissed by the Kremlin as hypothetical.

If such activities occur, it will be the responsibility of attorneys to provide legal analysis, if that is truly the topic under discussion. But it would be incorrect to comment without understanding the core of what is occurring, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov addressing reporters on Friday.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline crosses the Baltic Sea from the Russian coast to Germany. It was ready for service by December 2021 after its construction was finished in September 2021. Before the unrest in Ukraine, German authorities, however, halted the certification of the pipeline. The yearly gas pumping capacity of the two-string pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters.

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