Natalia Humeniuk | According to Ukraine, a long-awaited offensive to reclaim the region occupied.

After weeks of bombings behind Russian lines, a spokesperson for Ukraine's southern military command stated Monday, "We initiated offensive measures in multiple directions."

The long-awaited attempt by Ukraine to reclaim land seized by Russia was signaled by the announcement of a military attack on Monday in various regions in the south.

Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the southern military command, told Ukraine's state television Suspilne, "Today, we initiated offensive actions in multiple directions."

After weeks of preparation and almost six months since Russian forces first invaded parts of southern Ukraine, the major counteroffensive appears to have begun.

In recent weeks, Kyiv has shown increasing confidence and taken the initiative in a fight that the Kremlin itself has acknowledged is stopped. Kyiv has long promised to reclaim that territory.

As Ukraine appeared to target Russian military sites as well as important bridges with strikes well below defensive lines there and in neighboring Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, military watchers have been expecting a response on the ground in the south.

The core of the southern front lines is Kherson, which Russia completely annexed in March. It has played a crucial role in securing Moscow's control of the region as a key entry point to the Black Sea and Crimea.

As unsubstantiated rumors circulated on social media, it was unclear how far the Ukrainian offensive had advanced and whether any gains had been made.

Humeniuk cautioned and urged patience, pointing out that the Russian military was still potent and had been fortifying its positions nearby.

She clarified via phone, saying, "We do not declare the beginning of the offensive or the end of the offensive. "But the enemy started to flee as a result of our operations. As of right now, some of the enemy's positions have been evacuated.

The assertion is not supported by NBC News.

According to early reports, Ukrainian forces have breached the first line of Russian fortifications in areas close to Kherson, according to Neil Melvin, head of international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank based in London.

The main test of Ukraine's ability to repel Russian forces is probably still to come, he added. "These were probably defended by some of the weaker Russian forces, particularly from the occupied eastern portions of Ukraine."

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