According to Tanavade, many who left the BJP to join other parties and were vying for the position o

In an interview with media on Wednesday in Mapusa town, Tanavade claimed that certain BJP leaders had quit the organization in the lead-up to the assembly elections, believing that the Congress would win.

Sadanand Tanavade, the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Goa unit, claims that people who defected from the party earlier this year to run for the chief minister by joining other political organizations are now changing their minds.

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday in Mapusa town, Tanavade claimed that several BJP leaders had defected from the group in the lead-up to the assembly elections in the belief that the Congress would win. They believed incorrectly that the BJP would be unable to establish the government following the election, he continued. Tanavade added, "We attempted to convince them to stay back, but they believed the Congress will establish the government and joined that party.

"However, Congress was defeated. The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and Independents helped us build a stable administration after the BJP won 20 seats. As a result, people who abandoned us at that time are turning around, he continued. Some of the senior BJP leaders who switched to the Congress in the run-up to the assembly elections included Michael Lobo and Carlos Almeida. After the BJP failed to support his wife Delilah in her bid for the Siolim assembly seat, Lobo became irate with the party. The Lobo couple ran for Congress and won elections in their respective districts. Currently, there are 20 BJP members in the 40-member Goa legislative assembly, 11 Congress, 2 AAP, 2 MGP, 3 independents, and 1 each from the Goa Forward Party and AAP.

"We are not a local organization. If a request is made to that effect, the party's top headquarters in Delhi will decide," he said. The schism in the Congress party, where five MLAs are planning to defect to the BJP, is the context for Tanavade's statement.

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