According to CM Sangma, Assam is a "Hotbed of Islamic Fundamentalism" and Meghalaya is keeping a clo

In light of a rise in the Muslim population in border regions, Assam's chief executive officer Himanta Biswa Sarma stated earlier in the day that intelligence in Assam needs to be enhanced.

Even as terror cells are being discovered in Assam, Meghalaya is on high alert. It is closely monitoring travel to and from the state because, according to chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, it is proving to be a "hotbed of Islamic fanaticism."

Conrad K. Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, stated, "We will be keeping a check, and police will make sure that the intelligence network at the grassroots is maintained."

"Movement of individuals to and from the state and within is the standard routine to verify that there is no infiltration or any other issue; most thanas (police stations) are giving inputs at a local level," he added.

Sangma added that the state administration had been informed and was keeping an eye on things.

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