According to an official, an Assam delegation would visit Mizoram on August 9 and 10 for border talk

The two colonial demarcations in 1875 and 1933 were the fundamental causes of the long-running boundary dispute between the two northeastern states.

An official said on Friday that a five-person delegation led by the minister for border protection and development in Assam, Atul Bora, will travel to Mizoram on August 9 for a two-day visit to talk about the inter-state boundary dispute.

The Mizoram administration had been notified on Wednesday by a special officer and private secretary to the Assam border protection and development minister that a delegation from Assam would be in Aizawl the following Tuesday for two days of negotiations on the boundary problems.

According to a Mizoram home department official, Bora will be accompanied by Assam Housing and Urban Minister Ashok Singhal and three other officials, including Assam Border Protection and Development Commissioner and Secretary G D Tripathy. He said that the Assam delegation would talk about interstate border concerns with Mizoram government officials.

The Mizoram squad will be led by Home Minister Lalchamliana. With Assam, Mizoram has a 164.6-km-long border that has occasionally flared up in recent years.

The two colonial demarcations in 1875 and 1933 are largely to blame for the long-running boundary dispute between the two northeastern states. As its actual border, Mizoram recognized the line established by the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BERF), which was notified in 1875 and covers extensive areas that are currently part of Assam. The delineation drawn by the 1933 notification, according to the Assam administration, is its constitutional border.

Last year, a fight that occurred at a contentious location close to the border between the two states resulted in at least six Assamese policemen and a civilian's death and about 60 injuries. The delegates of the two states met in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, in August of last year. They consented to uphold tranquility and negotiate a peaceful settlement of the interstate boundary dispute.

At a press conference on July 16, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that Bora would shortly visit the neighboring state and intended to start the talks as soon as possible.

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