According to a survey, more students are travelling abroad due to job prospects.

Over nine in ten Indian agencies (93%) believe that more students will be sent to the UK in the following academic year.

According to a global poll conducted by INTO University Partnerships, the majority of Indian education counselors anticipate sending more students to universities in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada in the 2022–23 academic year than in the 2021–22 academic year.

Nearly two-thirds (nearly 93%) of Indian agencies anticipate sending significantly more students to the UK in the current academic year than they did in the previous one. While 87% of respondents intend to send more students to Canada, 92% to the US, and 71% to Australia.

According to the report, 82% of brokers worldwide anticipate sending more students to the UK in the next academic year than they did in the previous one. In the meanwhile, 63% anticipate sending more students to Australia, 59% to Canada, and 65% to the US.

According to spring 2021 INTO poll, just 65% of brokers anticipated sending more students to the UK, 44% to Canada, 34% to the US, and 27% to Australia last year.

Additionally, according to 84% of agents polled, international students they work with are primarily motivated to study abroad by the higher quality of education offered in popular destination nations, followed by improved employment prospects (cited by 78% of agents) and the opportunity to gain an international perspective (cited by 58% of agents). The majority of agents who responded said that their students' desire to pursue post-study employment is what drives them to study abroad.

"Employability has become one of the most important factors influencing students' decisions to study abroad today. To improve their job possibilities, international students are becoming more and more willing to travel across continents and oceans. We must deliver programs that give them the career head start they need to succeed, according to Streatfeild, if we want to guarantee they get the return on investment they deserve.

The post-study career opportunities in Australia and the UK are more well-received than those in the US, with 96% of agents feeling positive about both. Conversely, 89% had favorable opinions of Americans.

One of the largest global polls of its sort was conducted in May 2022 with participation from 104 Indian recruitment agents. 1,473 agents from more than 80 nations, ranging from Indonesia to Brazil, participated in the study.

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