World economic news | According to a poll, Americans see a dim economic future.

Contrary to President Biden's comments, a survey of US adults reveals that nearly seven in ten of them think the economy is growing worse.

According to a recent poll, Americans are more negative about the US economy than they have ever been since the global financial crisis of 2008. This suggests that President Joe Biden has failed to persuade voters that things are getting better under his leadership.

According to a Sunday poll by ABC News/Ipsos, only 12% of Americans think the economy is "getting better," while 69% think it is "growing worse." Even while the study favors Democrats, only 37% of respondents give Biden a thumbs-up for handling the economy, and only 29% do so for his handling of inflation, which is at a 40-year high.

In fact, with just three months until the US midterm elections, Biden received failing grades in all except one area—his handling of the Covid-19 outbreak. Republicans and Democrats alike perceive a different reality despite the president's attempts to persuade Americans that he has the economic recovery on track, even going so far as to falsely assert that the US has the world's fastest-growing economy.

With the US GDP declining for a second consecutive quarter, a report released last month indicated that the world's largest economy had entered a recession. Biden and other members of his administration, notably Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, attempted to redefine the term recession in response.

Democratic majorities in the US House and Senate are at risk. According to the results of the ABC News/Ipsos poll, Republicans are trusted by Americans more than Democrats to manage the economy and inflation, with margins of 34-25 and 33-23, respectively. Additionally, the GOP has a significant advantage on crime (32-21), taxes (31-25), gasoline prices (33-24), and immigration (32-21). (37-28). Regarding Covid-19 (36-20), climate change (37-19), gun violence (34-29), and abortion, Democrats inspire greater trust (38-26).

Americans are more confident in Republicans to handle the Russia-Ukraine issue by a slim margin of 26 to 25. The poll found that just 43% of respondents now support Biden's handling of the crisis in Eastern Europe, down from 48% in March.

In November's midterm elections, only 35% of Americans are "extremely enthusiastic" about casting a ballot, down from 40% in a study conducted in June. However, Republicans continued to be more motivated than Democrats, with 47% of GOP-leaning respondents reporting high levels of elation about casting a ballot as opposed to 42% of Democrats.

With Biden blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for record fuel prices, the Ukraine issue has contributed to the US economy's problems. A Rasmussen poll conducted in June found that only 11% of Americans believed the claim that Putin was to blame for the price increase. According to a Gallup poll, Biden's overall approval rating fell to 38% in July, making him the least popular president at this point in history going back to the 1950s.

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