Latest world news | According to a majority of voters, Biden is separating the US.

Among those surveyed, only one in five believe the president has kept his campaign-trail promises of togetherness.

According to a recent study, 58.7% of American voters think that US President Joe Biden has divided rather than united the nation during his tenure in office. The outcomes come at a time when Biden is struggling with poor support ratings and after he accused his political rivals of endangering "democracy" itself.

The study, which was commissioned by the Convention of States and released on Wednesday, indicated that 58.7% of Americans think Biden has divided the country, while 20.6% believe he has brought it together. 20.7% more people are unsure.

According to Breitbart, which first received the poll's findings, while 92.8% of Republicans and 64.1% of independents think Biden has divided the nation, 43.6% of Democrats believe he has fulfilled his campaign promise to be "a president for all Americans."

According to a different Trafalgar poll released on Monday, 39.3% of people approve of Biden, while 54.8% disapprove. Although the popularity of the US president varies from survey to poll, during the past year, popularity has steadily declined. According to a survey conducted by Yahoo News and YouGov earlier this month, nearly half of Democrats and more than 60% of Americans believe that the US is "on the wrong track."

Most people who were questioned about Biden's performance said they disapproved of the way he was managing the important issues, including the economy, race relations, guns, crime, climate change, abortion, and healthcare-related issues.

In light of this, Biden gave a fiery address in Philadelphia at the start of the month, claiming that former President Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans "represent an extreme that challenges the fundamental underpinnings of our nation."

Biden compared the mindset of his predecessor to "semi-fascism" a week earlier, claiming that Trump supporters "refuse to recognize the will of the people," "embrace political violence," and constitute a "danger to our basic democracy."

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that Biden’s speech showed his “divisiveness, disgust, and hostility towards half the country,” while Trafalgar found that 56.8% of voters viewed it as meant “to incite conflict amongst Americans.”

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