Worldwide news | According to a contentious former diplomat, Germany has abandoned Ukraine.

In its conflict with Russia, Berlin has reportedly put Kyiv on a military "diet," according to former ambassador Andrey Melnik.

According to former ambassador Andrey Melnik, Germany has abandoned Ukraine to its fate by refusing to provide Kyiv with more powerful weapons. Following multiple disputes, the outspoken envoy was fired from his position in July.

The envoy, who was dismissed following a series of divisive comments that included digs at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said on Twitter that Berlin had put Kyiv on a military "diet."

"Dear traffic light-colored government [Germany's ruling coalition], why are the requests for significantly more heavy weapons from Ukraine made by your Kyivdefence authorities being disregarded? In response to an article from the magazine Spiegel on the subject, he questioned, "Why is Kyiv being abandoned militarily?

Melnik caused several difficulties before being fired by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in early July. His newsworthy comments included calling the German chancellor an "offended liverwurst" and supporting Stepan Bandera, a contentious national hero of Ukraine who aided the Nazis during World War II.

The former ambassador argued that Bandera had not been connected to the wartime persecution of Jews and Poles. Following rebukes from Poland and Israel, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was forced to intervene and clarify that Melnik's remarks did not represent Kyiv's official stance.

Germany had already provided Ukrainian forces with millions of rounds of ammunition, tens of thousands of anti-tank mines, and thousands of portable anti-tank and anti-air missiles. PzH 2000 howitzers were also given by Berlin, though the majority are no longer in use. Berlin has come under fire from Kyiv on numerous occasions for what it has described as a refusal to supply military supplies to Ukraine and for a slow rate of deliveries.

Moscow has repeatedly urged the West to refrain from supplying Kyiv with weaponry, claiming that doing so will only make the crisis worse and result in more casualties.

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