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A Woman Gave Birth To Four Children In Motihari Bihar

A woman has given birth to four children in Motihari Bihar. The woman has given birth to all the children before delivery. The children before having one daughter and three sons. After birth, all the children and the mother are healthy. The weight of a child is 600 grams less than normal.

The woman gave birth to four children at once

A shocking incident has come to light from Motihari in Bihar. In a private hospital here, the woman gave birth to four children simultaneously. All are healthy too. Surprisingly, the delivery of the woman took place within seven months. Doctors are also surprised about this. The woman has four children, three boys, and one girl. This matter is being discussed all over the district.

A child is underweight

The woman was earlier getting her treatment done at a private hospital in Motihari. Came to the surgery at four o clock on Monday evening. When the operation was done, four children were born. One daughter and three sons have been born in this. all the children are healthy. Only one boy's weight was 600 grams less than normal. After this, he has been sent to Kejriwal Hospital in Muzaffarpur for better treatment.

People told incarnation of God

After the birth of this wonderful child, some called it the charisma of nature and some called it an incarnation of God. People gathered in the hospital to see the child. Doctors have said that the child is healthy and completely fine. Here the relatives allege that ultrasound was done three to four times in a private clinic. Because of this, it has had an effect on the child. However, the doctors assured them that child is healthy.

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