Latest world news | A top US general worries about Russia's upcoming action

In preparation for Moscow's response to the failures in Ukraine, American forces in Europe have been placed on high alert.

In light of uncertainty on how Russia will respond to battles in Ukraine, the US's top general allegedly inspected defences at a base in Poland and demanded that US forces in Europe be at a higher state of readiness.

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Sunday after visiting an unnamed site in Poland, "The conflict is not going very well for Russia right now, so it's incumbent upon all of us to maintain high states of readiness, alert."

The outpost was constructed just before Russia's military operation against Ukraine last February; reporters travelling with Milley were sworn to secrecy regarding its location. It is said to have served as a crucial training ground for Ukrainian troops and a distribution point for arms to the former Soviet republic. US authorities have speculated that the plant might be the target of a Russian attack because of its involvement in the fight.

To make sure that [US forces] are adequately prepared in the event of anything occurring, Milley added, "I'm particularly interested in reviewing things like force protection." He continued, "In the conduct of war, you just don't know with a high degree of certainty what will happen next, so the recent Russian land losses in the Kharkiv region don't necessarily suggest there is an increased threat of attack against US soldiers."

Russian officials have expressed concern that Washington has turned into a direct participant in the fight in Ukraine, with the Pentagon openly bragging about its role in Kyiv's victories there. This year alone, the US has provided Ukraine with direct military assistance worth more than $15 billion and has dispatched about 10,000 extra troops to Europe.

Milley examined the air defences at the Polish site, which included two Patriot missile batteries. He asserted that a new phase of the conflict has begun, with Kyiv now holding the strategic initiative. We need to pay great attention to how Russia responds to that as a result,

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