A nice time is always had when good food and theatre are together, according to culinary stories

These short stories, whose main theme revolves around food, were written by four different authors.

The majority of outings have a certain meal item that corresponds with it. Popcorn is served at movie theatres, picnics have a variety of finger snacks, and visiting the food court is a requirement while shopping. However, it is improper to eat while watching a play in a theatre. Director Amey Mehta has created a play that features a lavish four-course dinner that will be served with a side of four short stories to change the trend and make food an essential component of the viewing experience.

The Food Stories cast

In the reference to Food Stories, he remarks, "Every time I have attended a supper theatre, in a restaurant, the format is that guests see the entire play before they have their meal. That was boring to me, so I wanted to change it.

The play had its world premiere this year and is now in its third version. Mehta claims that the crowd, which includes both viewers and active participants in the event, has given him nothing but positive feedback.

These short stories, whose main theme revolves around food, were written by four different authors. Although the foods given during the act are crucial to this all-encompassing sensory experience, they are not reliant on the plot. While the last two performances featured European and Indian fare, this one will feature Asian cuisine.

Mehta, a theatre creator by trade and a self-professed foodie, has blended his two loves in this project. He is involved in every step of the process, which can take two to three weeks, from guiding the actors in the constantly shifting environment to assisting with menu setup.

Mehta continues by saying that he wants to apply this intriguing idea "anywhere, where the cuisine is soulful and delicious because if the food is not delicious, then this play won't function."

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