A New York man admits to a terrorist plot inspired by ISIS.

The 22-year-old is charged with organizing a "lone wolf" knife assault for the notorious terrorist organization.

A New Yorker admitted to planning a stabbing rampage in Queens that he allegedly intended to record and to try to "materially support" the Islamic State terrorist group.

Awais Chaudhary, a Pakistani-born naturalized US citizen who reportedly reached out to individuals he believed to be Islamic State fighters and planned plans for a knife attack in New York City, filed a guilty plea in federal court in Brooklyn on Friday.

According to US Attorney Breon Peace, Chaudhary "has admitted to preparing to carry out a lone wolf terrorist assault in Queens against innocent bystanders in an embrace of ISIS's wicked cause."

After viewing "violent terrorist propaganda videos," according to the prosecution, the guy declared his allegiance to the organization in 2019 and afterward "began planning for a knife or bomb attack." He allegedly chose several targets in the Queens area and asked people he thought were other militants for guidance on how to avoid being caught by the police and what kind of knife to use.

The Justice Department claims that Chaudhary purchased several goods for the plot online, including a "tactical knife," a mask, gloves, as well as a "cellphone chest and head strap to assist his filming of the attack, which he thought would serve as motivation to other ISIS followers." He is currently facing a 20-year prison sentence on the terrorism-related offense after being stopped as he tried to retrieve those items from a locker used by an online merchant.

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