Today world news A man with a knife is killed by police at the Paris airport.

Police claim that officers dealt with the threat "with coolness."

At the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Wednesday, police shot and killed a man who was carrying a knife.

Police said that when they neutralized the threat, the officers "showed coolness."

The offender, according to the local media, was homeless. He carried a knife and entered Terminal 2F of the airport aggressively.

He reportedly refused to surrender his weapon despite numerous requests from police to do so.

When the man charged at the officers, shots are said to have been fired. He was struck in the abdomen and received treatment right afterward, but he eventually died from his wounds.

A large person of color flashed what appeared to be a knife at the cops, according to an AFP photographer who was there to capture the action.

He remembered that when the man continued to approach the officers, one of them fired "a single shot" at him.

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