A four-decade journey documented in graphic journals by a Bangladeshi artist

Delhi is now hosting a retrospective of work by Bangladesh-born artist Rokeya Sultana. It describes how she developed her artistic career while studying in Santiniketan under the direction of Somenath Hore. Her art is mostly concerned with nature and women's rights.

Every person travels a path that is singular and rich in experiences. Likewise, the four-decade journey of Bangladesh-born artist Rokeya Sultana, who just had a show in the Capital, is also worth noting. "My paintings are like visual journals I've kept throughout the years. I'm proud to have depicted the struggle for my rights, the rights of women in my nation and around the world, via my own experience and that of others, says Sultana.

Her retrospective follows the development of her career in Bangladesh with the help of the artists Safiuddin Ahmed and Mohammad Kibria as mentors. She studied in Santiniketan, West Bengal, under the direction of the sculptor and printer Somenath Hore.

Rokeya Sultana and the other ladies she met at an art camp in Bengal are both included in this piece.

Her image is flanked by paintings of people she met during an art camp in Bengal in one particularly intriguing piece of work on exhibit. "The purpose of the painting is to demonstrate how every one of them has contributed to my path. While each of us has had a unique journey, the battle against gender injustice has been constant, she adds to the artwork.

This updated Madonna is a part of Sultana's figural series that features surreal depictions of the Bangladeshi countryside.

Another piece of art is the updated Madonna, one of Sultana's most well-known figural series that features abstract depictions of the Bangladeshi terrain. "It depicts a mother's journey. The artist, who enjoys working in a variety of media and is also a self-taught animator, says, "I have added Nature, notably a bit of the Sundarbans in this rendition, representing both Bengals. Her display, which includes sculptures, paintings, photographs, animation videos, and films, reflects her love of experimenting.

A creative individual can't be content with only one media, according to Sultana. I worked with tempera for a while, but I wasn't able to describe anything. I tried out the video and three-dimensional structures. Nothing is impossible if you have confidence in yourself.

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