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A fresh investigation discovered that the commander of a nearby Mexican army base allegedly held the six students alive for days before ordering their execution.

in Mexico City According to the Mexican government official overseeing the Truth Commission, six of the 43 Mexican students who were kidnapped and vanished in 2014 were allegedly kept alive in a warehouse for days before being given to the commander of the nearby army post, who then gave the order to kill them.

The disclosure was quietly disclosed by Interior Undersecretary Alejandro Encinas during a protracted defense of the commission's report, which was initially released a week earlier. Despite calling the disappearances a "state crime" and asserting that the army stood by and did nothing, Encinas made no mention of the six students who had been given to Col. José Rodrguez Pérez at the time.

Encinas stressed on Friday that officials had been keeping a careful eye on the Ayotzinapa students from the radical teachers' college from the time they left campus until they were taken away by local police later that evening in the town of Iguala. One of the kidnapped pupils was a soldier who had broken into the school, and Encinas claimed that the army had not tried to save him by following its procedures.

There is additional information, which is supported by emergency 089 calls, that six of the 43 students who vanished were supposedly held for several days alive in what is known as the "old warehouse" before being handed over to the colonel, according to Encinas. The six students were purportedly alive for up to four days following the events until they were slain and vanished on instructions from the colonel, who was allegedly Col. José Rodrguez Pérez at the time.

When contacted for comment regarding the allegations on Friday, the defense department did not answer right away.

The tension between the families and the government has long been a result of the military's involvement in the student's disappearance. There have always been concerns regarding the military's involvement and knowledge of what transpired. The parents of the youngsters have been requesting that they be permitted to search the sizable base at Iguala for years. They weren't granted entry until 2019, along with Encinas and the Truth Commission.

The army received an anonymous emergency call on September 30, 2014, four days after the students were kidnapped, according to the truth commission findings. The caller claimed that the students were being detained at "Pueblo Viejo," in a big concrete warehouse. The caller continued by outlining the area.

The report's conclusion read: "As can be seen, obvious collusion existed between agents of the Mexican state and the criminal group Guerreros Unidos that tolerated, allowed, and participated in events of violence and the disappearance of the students, as well as the government's attempt to conceal the truth about the events." This entry was followed by several pages of redacted information.

A colonel is mentioned later in a breakdown of how the commission's report deviates from the findings of the initial investigation.

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