Worldwide news 26 right-wing extremists from Germany visited Ukraine, according to the media

According to RND, the material was made public by the German interior ministry in response to a request from the Left political party.

Since Russia began its military offensive against the nation in late February, at least 26 known right-wing extremists from Germany have travelled to Ukraine, according to information provided by the government and reported by the media site RND.

In response to a request from the Left party fraction in the German parliament, the interior ministry of the nation disclosed the figure, according to a Saturday story. According to journalists, they saw the officials' response.

Fewer than ten of those 26 people flew to the countries in Eastern Europe to participate in battle, according to the publication, which cited reliable information from German officials.

According to the ministry, as was cited by RND, "with around half of the known right-wing extremists, there is evidence that they left with the purpose to deliver humanitarian aid."

The publication continued, "Several more of those German nationals are thought to have travelled to Ukraine as journalists."

Martina Renner, a member of the Left party in the Bundestag, commented on the news, claiming that the "actual number" of German right-wing extremists in Ukraine is probably larger than the reported number.

The MP cautioned that "public security in Germany is at risk" if "neo-Nazis with combat experience and perhaps carrying weapons and ammunition return from Ukraine."

Additionally, she urged German authorities to pay close attention to "right-wing radicals posing as journalists" since they may launch deceitful campaigns.

Since Russia's military offensive against its neighbour began in late February, hundreds of volunteers from other nations have enlisted in the Ukrainian military.

These people, according to Russia, are mercenaries who are not entitled to the protections provided to prisoners of war by the Geneva Convention if they are taken, prisoner.

The nation's defence ministry also frequently declares that its airstrikes have claimed the lives of foreign combatants.

However, only a small number of foreign combatants who died in Ukraine are known to have been from the UK and the US.

A court in the Donetsk People's Republic executed two Britons and a Moroccan who had fought with Ukrainian forces back in June.

More foreign combatants are facing trial in the republic of, Donbas.

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