100,000 SUVs are sold by an Indian automaker in a half-hour.

When the first batch of Mahindra Scorpio-Ns went on sale online, the website crashed in just 55 seconds.

According to a report this week by Carscoops, Mahindra & Mahindra, one of India's top automakers, sold out of the first 25,000 Scorpio-N SUVs on the local market in less than a minute after sales began.

The craze kept many more potential customers from the original batch and led the automaker's website to break down within 55 seconds. The business received over 100,000 orders in total inside the first 30 minutes of the opening. With each reservation requiring an 18,000 rupee ($227) deposit, Mahindra produced a total of $22.7 million in sales in just 30 minutes.

The Scorpio-N SUV, dubbed "the big daddy of SUVs" by the business, is Mahindra's most recent iteration of the Scorpio SUV with cutting-edge design and technology.

The model was unveiled in May of last year, and although it made its official debut in June, it didn't go on sale until this week.

Because Mahindra offered the initial promotional batch of Scorpio-Ns for a price that ranged from $15,178 to $24,673, depending on the package, there may have been a rush from potential customers. The business announced that pricing for subsequent batches would increase.

According to Mahindra, the first Scorpio-N deliveries will begin on September 26. By December, Mahindra expects to have produced 20,000 additional Scorpio-Ns.

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